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Simplified varieties of lubricants
Rich experiences in corporation with famous domestic enterprises, simplify the items of lubricants that convenient for customer to select the right lubricant.
Lubricating oil communication community
Select the right lubricants, according to the characteristics of the equipment. Systematically explain the characteristics of lubricants, attentions in use, application, etc. Sure that users can be assured to use.
Develop and optimize the lubricants application plan
Acquired the information of equipment application through field investigation, and refer to the past experiences, as well as similar working condition cases, then formulate a lubrication scheme of equipment and optimize it
Study on lubricants application
For equipments or vehicles using imported lubricants, we prior to investigate the equipment application conditions, then analysis the properties of imported lubricants and carried out a mixing test. Importantly ,the appropriate lubricants are selected for the equipment application test.
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