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GUANGDONG PICHED LUBRICANTS CO., LTD.. ( GD PICHED ), was found in 1998 as an independent lubricants manufacturer in China, with a continuous business development in domestic market. In 2002, GD PICHED started to be the sole “PITHED” brand Lubricants manufacturing plant that authorized by U.S.A. PICHED PETROLEUM GROUP LIMITED (U.S.A. PICHED). In 2005, the company was acquired by U.S.A.PICHED and became its wholly-owned subsidiary in China. Since then, the original Bi-Song Mountain Lubricants company was renamed as the current name GUANGDONG PICHED LUBRICANTS CO., LTD.


U.S.A. PICHED PETROLEUM GROUP LIMITED founded in 1992 as a family firm in Texas, USA, is nowadays a globally operating corporation, and the leading supplier of lubricants among the independent companies. It owns 7 subsidiaries around the world and over 20 trademarks for lubricants and auto parts. PICHED has a complete range of lubricant products as its core program. With customized specialty solutions for multifarious market niches to complement its standard products. With comprehensive consultancy and service capabilities. PICHED offers lubricants for dozens of applications, including lubricants for car-drivers and motor-cyclists, goods transport, passenger traffic, mining companies, vehicle and machinery construction, and agricultural equipment.

Over more than 20 years of development, GD PICHED has developed into a regional comprehensive lubricants manufacturing enterprise. Integration of R&D center, manufacturing ,marketing and exporting business. GD PICHED built 2 factories for producing various high performance lubricants, established 30 sales subsidiaries in 20 provinces in China. More than 200 employees, including 20 managers, 50 engineers, 100 workers. Annual output reach up to 10,000 tons bottled lubricating oils.


GD PICHED offers lubricants for many domestic commercial applications. For automotive lubrication, motorcycles, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, car petrol and diesel engines. Products include a range of automotive lubricants: developed for consumers, supplying lubricants, specialties (gear oils, greases and other ancillary products) and services to cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, including heavy duty consumer trucks, mining and agriculture vehicles. Over the years, GD PICHED follows the strict quality standard, to produce high-quality lubricants, nurtured its unique brand culture and strategy of management. We aim at continuously offer excellent products and service. Customer orientation always be taken as our first principle. 




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